BloomTech Data Science Prep Course

This site holds preparatory study materials for BloomTech's immersive Data Science Course. We hope that these resources will better help our students prepare for the first day of class.

Consumption of the materials on this site is completely self-directed, however, we hope to give you the tools to be able to practice specific skills and be able to check your own work to know if you're writing code correctly.

There are two main types of content on this site:

1) Explanations and introductory programming topics accompanied by exercises.

  • The exercises include code hints and links to possible solutions so that you can check your work.
  • We have tried to create an excessive amount of exercises so that you can get as much repetition as you need in order to master specific coding skills.
  • You do not need to complete every exercise that accompanies each topic, please judge for yourself when you are comfortable enough with a topic to move on and feel free to come back later if you find yourself needing additional practice.

Learning to code is just like learning any other language, fluency grows in time as you use the language. There's no amount of flash cards or memorization that will make you a native speaker. You've got to put yourself out there and form your own thoughts with the language in order to master it.

2) Project-based learning with references to specific prerequisite coding concepts.

Being creative and building things is often more motivating than doing isolated exercises. We will be creating tutorials focused on building data science-related projects.

  • A list of coding concepts that are used within the projects will be listed at the beginning of the project in case you need to study up on anything before attempting the project.
  • We will also heavly link to any supplementary technical concepts that are involved in the completion of the projects. You do not necessarily need to follow these links to learn more about these ancillary topics, but the links will be there in case any of the terminology or methodology is new to you.

What do I need to know before attending BloomTech?

Please familiarize yourself with all of the topics in the Python section of the website -as time allows. The beginning of the course will not spend significant time on introductory Python so give yourself as big of a headstart as you can before attending.

After you feel somewhat comfortable with the basics of Python, get as good as you can at using the Pandas library and try building some of the projects on the site that draw your attention.

Python proficiency is the most important, everything else is icing on the cake as we will spend time with Pandas and other more advanced tools during the course.

What if the format of the content, exercises, and projects on this site doesn't work for my learning style?

Feel free to use other resources that you enjoy to improve your Python proficiency before the beginning of the course. Here are some of our favorites: