Web Scraping Demo

Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup

Tags: Python

Hello World!

Lets demonstrate how to scrape webpages

Lets try and scrape this table and get it into a dataframe:

idnamepositionemail**Social Media
0Aaron GallantData Science Program Managerfakeemail1@gmail.comNone
1Ryan AllredData Science Instructorfakeemail2@gmail.comRyan Allred Twitter
2Jon-Cody SokollData Science Instructorfakeemail3@gmail.comJon-Cody Sokoll Twitter
3Ryan HerrData Science Instructorfakeemail4@gmail.comRyan Herr Twitter
4Rachel CohenData Science Career Coachfakeemail5@gmail.comRachel Cohen LinkedIn
5Nicole HoffmanData Science Curriculum Developerfakeemail6@gmail.comNicole Hoffman LinkedIn

I think it's also really important to practice scraping links, because sometimes the things that you'll have multiple nested pages of content that you'll need to scrape, so maybe you'll need to follow a whole bunch of links.

Social Media List: